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Our Hours are Monday-Friday 8am-6pm 

Over the next few weeks, Verizon will be announcing changes to their national cellular and data plans.  While prices will be competitive, there are some distinct advantages with the Verizon plans you currently enjoy through the UNL Computer & Phone Shop.

Our plans are negotiated and are not changing. Verizon plans through UNL will continue to offer UNLIMITED data plans and discounted pricing for devices. New Verizon plans on the street will limit data and charge full retail for devices. Our contract with Verizon allows us to continue to offer these perks, which are not available to a national Verizon customer.  

Please give us a call or stop by the store if you have any questions.  And thank you for your continued business.

Contact us at:
Phone Store: 402-472-5151
Computer Store: 402-472-0505

Return Policy:

-No returns on opened software or software with serial code visible

-Only one purchase of any microsoft product is allowed

-30 day return policy on unopened product only

-No returns on opened headphones

-15% restocking fee on any opened return